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philosophy and goals

At KTI Early Childhood Program we offer a warm, creative, loving environment - a home away from home - where each child can spend the days playing, learning, exploring, and growing. We create a self-rewarding, joyous, and non-competitive atmosphere. Each child's specialness is valued and nurtured. Our focus is on creating a safe and nurturing setting that offers opportunities for exploration and discovery. We work to develop curiosity, imagination, caring for others, and the ability to play both cooperatively and independently. Your child will be encouraged to gain self-esteem, independence, self-control, and self-confidence. We place emphasis on the individual child and on encouraging each child's innate inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge.

Curriculum is planned with the awareness that children learn best by doing. KTIECP emphasizes the development of the "whole child." Learning activities are designed to match the developmental stages of each child. Our quality teachers and specialists offer an integrated approach to education, skillfully interweaving age appropriate academic goals and objectives as they build on what children can do, and challenge them to explore what is new. Attention is directed at the process and pleasure of discovery in each project and not on the final product.

Our program activities are designed to help children learn more about their Jewish heritage and values through hands-on activities and active involvement. We place particular emphasis on the beauty of the Jewish tradition. Through music and art, holiday celebrations, and class rituals, we share with children and their families the joys of Jewish culture. We believe that our children are a part of a web of interconnected relationships, and we encourage open dialogue between families and our entire KTI community.

We believe …

  • that loving, trusting, and respecting each child makes that child capable of loving, trusting and respecting others.
  • that each child should be guided and encouraged to have a positive self-image.
  • that children need a nurturing, safe and happy environment which promotes their natural curiosity and desire to learn.
  • that play is the work of children and through it children explore the world around them by using their senses.
  • that children deserve to have teachers whose values enable them to be excellent role models.
  • that the home is the most important factor in a child's development. We will always strive to support and complement the family in order to promote your child's healthy development.

At KTI Early Childhood Program we see each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care. This concept is what governs our school's educational approach.