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Members of KTI are entitled to seats for the High Holidays and the opportunity to attend all religious services; full participation in all cultural, social, educational and recreational programs; religious school enrollment; and tuition discounts for our Early Childhood and pre-Hebrew School programs.

Members are eligible to vote on major issues affecting the operation of the synagogue, as outlined in the By-Laws, and serve on the Board of Trustees. In addition, members have the opportunity to purchase graves at the KTI owned cemetery.

For more information, contact Rabbi Jaymee Alpert or the KTI Office at 914-939-1004. To download a copy of our membership application, click here.


membership incentive program

Joining a synagogue is a big decision, and it is an investment. That’s why Congregation Kneses Tifereth Israel (KTI) offers a Group Membership Discount program to benefit families wishing to join our congregation—with savings of 50% off their first year’s dues.

Here is how the Membership Incentive Program works:

Membership Discount for Current Members Recruiting New Families

  • When a current member recruits a new family* to join KTI (either Family Member or Young Family Member), the current member will get a $360 credit towards their next annual dues for each family recruited. The more families a member recruits, the more credits they can earn, up to, but not exceeding, the total amount of one-year of their annual dues.
  • The current KTI member will receive this $360 credit per new member recruited when the new member family pays its dues to KTI. If the KTI member who recruited the new member has already paid their current dues, KTI will not refund money to the current member, but instead apply this membership recruitment incentive credit to the member's following year annual dues obligation.

Group Membership Discount for New Members

  • When three or more new families join KTI at the same time, they are eligible for the Group Discount. These new member families can be seeking Family Membership, Young Family Membership, or any combination of the two.
  • The Group Discount allows for three or more families joining KTI at the same time to receive a 50% discount on their first year's annual dues. With this 50% discount:
    • The New Family Member dues will be $1,500 (instead of $3,000)
    • The Young Family Member dues will be $750 (instead of $1,500).
  • The 50% discount on dues will be credited to the families upon dues payment by all families in the group.
  • When taking advantage of this Group Discount, Young Family group members will not be able to also receive discounted tuition for the first year of their membership. Upon continued membership in KTI, these families would be entitled to receive a tuition discount in the second year of their KTI membership, provided they maintain their KTI membership, which can be at the discounted family rate.

Issues concerning the entitlement to the credit/discounts under the New Membership Incentive program will be resolved by the Board of Trustees. Entitlement to tuition discounts will be subject to payment of annual dues.

For more information, call the KTI office during business hours.

* A new family is defined as a family that does not currently belong to KTI.