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Notes from the Director

March! Already? Well, if it’s March it must mean that Purim is right around the corner and Passover cannot be far behind! We are looking forward to a great Purim celebration which will be on March 12th beginning at 9:00am with a minyan and abbreviated Megillah reading. Then at 10:30am in the main sanctuary all of our young families ECP and Kindergarten through Bet will gather for a costume parade and Purim play. Then at 11:00am our carnival begins!

Please note that we made a change from the original Religious School calendar last month and made Sunday, March 12, 2017, a mandatory ―school day‖ for KTI Religious School Families and we will not be holding classes the day before on March 11. All are expected to help us celebrate Purim on Sunday. If you are a Religious School older child and are creating a booth for the carnival you will have time to set up at 10:30am.

This year’s Purimkiyadah is on March 14th! It is the first time in ―kiyadah‖ history that the Purimkiyadah will be used to break a tie from the Chanukiydah! We will have a host of new and exciting events for the teams to compete in and you never know who will win until the do! After all...it’s Purim!


This year the Art Program at KTI's Hebrew School has encompassed a myriad of projects. In the beginning of the year students created Tzedakah boxes which the students then took home and have served as a way to collect and bring in tzedakah. This project serves as a reminder of the great need both locally and afar.

Our second project was creating the word "Shalom," (peace) out of ceramic tiles predominantly in the colors of the Israeli flag. Many of our students took this sign home and placed it proudly in a prominent place in their home.

The younger grades have also completed a Mezuzah project, both writing an abbreviated text, rolling it up and then decorating the box with the letter "Shin" and some marvelous designs.

Finally under the inspiration and direction of Karen Stamatis, the entire upper school created ―Soup in a Jar‖ (containing all organic products) which were donated to local food pantries. The students also attached hand made holiday cards. To date we have created more that two dozen soup in a jar containers which have fed approximately 50 people!

Our art program is a one of a kind in the religious school model and provides our kids with a wonderful way to express themselves while learning about art and Judaism! We are fortunate to have Karen Stamatis as our art instructor! 

Rabbi Sandy Zisser